The GEB Automation IEC 61131-3 cross-compiler

GEB IEC-61131 Compiler

The main component of the GEB Automation IDE application, reads POUs in one or several projects, checks their syntax and compiles ("build") them into memory. If the IEC-61131 compilation was successful, the code can be tested inside the IDE in a Simulator, in run or debug mode. The debugger allows to place breakpoints, step over the instructions and peek inside variables values, both in textual and graphical editors.

GEB C generator and cross-compiler

After the in-memory compilation is done, the IDE allows the user to generate a C file . This file, together with the binary libraries and include *.h files (provided by GEB), and some extra source C code and libraries from the device, are compiled with a C compiler to produce the final binary file. All of this is done from inside the IDE.

Hence, the GEB Automation IDE provides, in its full chain, a IEC-61131-3 to binary cross-compiler. This chain includes a C cross compiler, targeted to the particular device, typically provided by the OEM.