Programming in textual languages (IL, ST)

GEB Automation IDE provides a text editor from programming in two IEC-61131-3 textual languages: The editor can be invoked on an existing source file: double click over it in the Project Explorer, or explicitly: Right Click->Open With->Geb Text Editor.

It provides syntax highlighting,undo capabalities and other standard editor features.

Normally, each file corresponds to a POU, and both share the name. This is the recommended way, but more general schemas are possible.

Compile (Build)

The editor follows the standard Edit-Save-Build workflow. The Build command can be invoked from the menu or via the key shortcut Ctrl-B (Build all). Bear in mind that the Build command saves first all the open editors (textual and graphical) and compiles the full selected project.

The Build command only compiles the project code into memory, it does not generate C code or binary output. If there are any errors, they will be displayed in the Problems view. You can click in each problem and the editor will open in the corresponding source file and line, if available.

See Running and debugging programs for more info.