Device manufacturers

Make your devices
IEC 61131-3 programmable.

The OEM license allows distributing your PLCs with a customized version of the GEB Automation IDE at no extra cost.

  • IEC 611631-3 compliant
  • OEM customizable
  • No per PLC cost
  • Dedicated support

Device manufacturers

Port your hardware and make your devices IEC 61131-3 programmable with the GEB IDE. By translating IEC 61131-3 languages to C the GEB IDE allows you to add unlimited functionality to your hardware while keeping it extremely simple for PLC programmers.

  • GEB Professional License required
  • Any hardware with a C compiler available can be ported
  • Your devices will be IEC 61131-3 (i.e. Ladder, etc.) programmable
  • GEBs engineers assistance included
  • Give your clients a professional tool for graphic programming, simulation, on-hardware debugging, etc.
  • Expand your devices capabilities adding C libraries for industrial communications, DSP, SCADA, etc.

Check Porting new devices summary or detailed instructions in Guide / Porting new devices.

Customize the GEB Automation IDE to include your ported devices. The result of the customization process is one .exe file that your clients can easily install in their computers.

  • GEB OEM License required
  • Include your logo
  • Include the files obtained from the porting process
  • Include your platforms C compilers
  • Create the installation file

Check detailed instructions in Guide / IDE customization.

OEM devices

Distribute your customized version of the GEB Automation IDE with your PLCs and enjoy unlimited grow. The one payment GEB Automation IDE OEM license agreement scheme lets you easily distribute as many devices to as many clients you want at no extra cost.

  • Only one initial payment
  • Unlimited devices can be included
  • Distribute online or with CDs
  • No per client license required
  • No runtime royalties
  • No extra cost per distributed device

Questions about the OEM License? Please check License comparison and pricing or contact us.

Customized shortcut

Large integration projects

Large Integration Projects

Integrate GEBs IDE code to your own IDE development

Get your software to have powerful capabilities such as graphic editing and simulating, IEC 61131-3 to C translating, high level on-hardware debugging, etc. in weeks and at minimum cost. To learn more contact us.

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