Professional/ Hardware porting

Hardware porting

Easily turn any hardware into IEC 61131-3 programmable controller (PLC)

Compile your own runtime. You adapt our generic C code runtime to your hardware platform and compile it using the IDE to call your processor's C compiler. Start checking "Porting new devices summary" below.

Porting new devices summary

The GEB IDE easily allows any hardware to become IEC 61131-3 programmable. Once the porting process is completed, the ported hardware can be programed with the GEB IDE using IEC 61131-3 languages (e.g. Ladder).

  • 4 easy steps
  • Once ported the hardware becomes IEC 61131-3 programmable
  • GEB Professional License required
  • Basic C language knowledge required
  • Hardware device platform must have a C compiler
  • C compiler can also run in the hardware device
  • Test using test suite
  • Email Support

For detailed instructions go to Guide / Porting new devices.

Sample ported platforms for industrial applications

Ported platforms

If it has a C compiler any platform can be ported with the GEB Automation IDE. From boards running full operating systems to embedded processors with flash memory restrictions as extremely low as 32 KB.

The GEB Automation IDE has already been ported to several major industrial application platforms (i.e. ARM/Cortex, Renesas, Intel 80x86, Power Architecture, Infineon, Linux, Windows Embedded, etc.) and is regularly tested using :

  • Linux GCC 4.8 (CentOS and Raspbian)
  • Windows: MinGW GCC 3.4 and Tiny C Compiler 0.9.26
  • ARM: GNU toolchain (LPCXpresso 1769)
  • Atmel-AVR: GNU toolchain 4.8.1 (Arduino Mega2560) (also compiles with AVR8 toolchain)

The IDE requires a Professional License in order to port new devices. The result of the porting process are the following files:

  • Compiler toolchain
  • Recompiled GEB libraries
  • Adapted C code runtime (binary)

See detailed instructions in Guide / Porting new devices.

Questions about the Professional License? Go to License comparison and
or contact us.

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